Turn Your Bedroom Into A Cozy Sanctuary With These Home Essentials

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We're nearing the home stretch of the chilly winter season, and what a run it's been. From going freezing our butts off and consequently entering our marshmallow fashion era to waterproofing our shoe collection (& our makeup, but that's a whole other discussion), winter took quite the toll on us. Of course, the flip side of the cold, bitter weather has been cozy season, in which it's been totally justifiable for us to want to do nothing but rot away in our beds and hibernate in our rooms for the time being. With spring slowly coming up soon, this winter-cozy chapter of some people's lives may be closing — but not us. As long-time fans of all things cozy, we know that "cozy" isn't a phase (mom), this is who we really are. As in, cozy is a lifestyle, and you can turn your bedroom into a cozy haven at any point during the year — and as they say, there's no time like the present.

If you're wondering how to transform your regular bedroom into one that looks straight out of a Pinterest board or dream, you're absolutely in the right place. We've rounded up the best finds on the internet that are sure to turn up the coziness factor of your space, from vintage-inspired candle warmer lamps & chic decorative pillows to minimalist wall art, bed table trays, and of course, plush throw blankets.

It's "Your Bedroom" (Cozy Version). Are you ready for it?

Aooshine Small Table Lamp For Bedroom

Lighting plays a major role in setting the mood, and when it comes to planning out your bedroom, indirect lighting can help you achieve that soft, cozy glow. This small table lamp with 12,500+ five-star reviews on Amazon features a sleek, minimalist-chic design that comes in a variety of lampshade colors and instantly elevates your space.

According to one Amazon shopper, "This lamp is so much more cool than the price indicates. I put it on my bookshelf as a third lamp in the room, and it casts a nice warm glow because of the nice fabric shade. Sharp, modern angles give it some sophistication. I have an LED equivalent of a 40 watt bulb in there and it gives of a lot of light. I think I will throw this in my go bag if there's an emergency. (Just kidding) but I love this little lamp!!!"


Mooyran Star Projector Galaxy Night Light

Or, if you want your bedroom to be an absolute vibe, try adding this TikTok-viral galaxy projector to your space. With over 8,100 five-star Amazon reviews, the projector comes in the form of a superbly adorable astronaut that projects various starry effects that can be adjusted in angle and brightness. Plus, it even comes with a timer function, so you can fall asleep under the (projected) stars in comfort.

One shopper wrote, "This cute astronaut is such a great addition to my bedroom. I have trouble falling asleep and am trying to not have the TV on all night. This little guy has relaxed me into sweet slumber three nights now.. Easy to set up and even comes with a remote. Would be a great addition to a spa, meditation room, or babies room for a relaxing night light. I love that I can set a timer so the unit can turn off when I fall asleep."


Marycele Candle Warmer Lamp

Candle warmer lamps are so in right now, and for good reason. 1.) They allow us to enjoy our fave scents without an open flame, smoke, soot, pollution, or fire risk. 2.) They can come in super gorgeous designs, like this vintage-inspired one, which 3.) allows us to control the melting speed of the candle via the dimmer control. It passes the cozy vibe check all around!

Turn Your Bedroom Into A Cozy Sanctuary With These Home Essentials

One Amazon shopper raved, "I did extensive research trying to find just the exact one I wanted! I used to burn candles quite often, but stopped doing so. My daughter had given me a great smelling candle this past Christmas and she told me about these candle lamps! I didn't even know they existed! I got the clear lamp one and it is absolutely beautiful in person! It seems to instantly warm up and I can smell the candle very quickly! The timer snd dimmer work perfectly! It definitely is a great addition to my room! It also came with two light bulbs. I can highly recommend this beautiful lamp!"


Piglet In Bed Fresh Linen Candle

Now that you've got the candle warmer, you need an actual candle that fits the cozy vibe of your room. My current obsession is this specific candle from Piglet in Bed — no joke, I light this candle in my room every night before I start winding down so that by the time I get into bed, the smell of fresh linen is floating through the air all around me (like the best part of laundry day, without having to do the laundry). The candle features a pure, clean fragrance of rose petals, lily, musk & sandalwood, and its apothecary-inspired amber glass fits right into the cozy aesthetic.

According to one Piglet in Bed shopper, "Beautiful scent and generous size for the money. When it first arrived I had my doubts if I'll like the smell of Fresh Linen Candle as it smelled rather strong and soapy. Once I started burning it, beautiful and gentle scent filled the room, not overpowering. It takes time to burn too, which is a bonus. I can highly recommend it."

$28$22Piglet in Bed

Home-It Bed Table Tray With Folding Legs

What's cozier than binging your fave show in bed while munching on some scrumptious snacks or spending a Sunday morning with breakfast in bed? This bed table tray has over 10,300 five-star reviews on Amazon, and it features a bamboo construction, handles for easy mobility, and folding legs for easy storage.

One Amazon shopper reported, "So I bought these so that my son and I could surprise my wife with breakfast in bed. I wasn't sure what to expect based on the great price compared to other similar options. When they came in I was pleasantly surprised, the quality is great They are made well, sturdy and finished really well. Super easy to clean up and they are even stable enough in bed that you can easily use a laptop on it without instability at all. They collapse down nicely and really seem like they will hold up well over time. Great buy."


Uvvyui Knot Pillow Ball

The perfect balance of fun and elevated chic, this knotted pillow comes in 10 beautiful colors to match your aesthetic, along with three size options. It's crafted from high-quality cotton filling & lamb wool fabric covering, and each cushion is hand-sewn, stuffed & knotted, according to the brand.

One shopper on Amazon wrote that this pillow "adds an elevated taste to couch." They continued, "Caved in a bought this trending knot pillow. Other sites had them at a high price for a pillow but I'm glad I found this dupe! Its soft, cozy, and adds aesthetic taste to your living room. I get complimented on that all that time!"


Lush Decor Sheer Grommet Curtains With Insulated Blackout Lining

Catch some quality zzz's without compromising on your room's aesthetic with these luxurious curtains that are available in six different sizes and seven colors. We love this neutral beige shade because it matches the cozy vibe while also giving a sophisticated, elevated feel to the room. The curtains are equipped with a blackout lining for near-complete darkness and a sheer tulle overlay for sheer, natural light that still provdes privacy.

According to one shopper who also chose the color Wheat, "These curtains are STUNNING. They exceeded my expectations. They are flowy and subtle. They are romantic and the style is beautiful. The room darkening is TOP NOTCH. I have room darkening shades but with these curtains….I legit was surprised it was morning. I love love love how these curtains compliment my bedroom, my style and my decor."

$36.99AmazonreadTurn Your Bathroom Into a Spa-Like Oasis with These Essential Products

BlueMake Woven Seagrass Belly Basket

Whether you need extra storage space for your blankets, a laundry basket, or a new piece of decor, this seagrass basket is the perfect place to minimize clutter & store all the things you prefer to keep out of sight (because dirty socks are so not part of the cozy vibe). You can choose between three sizes and two colors.

One Amazon shopper wrote, "I've purchased a number of these baskets because I like them so much. I use them for plants and toy storage for my kids. As a planter, I mostly use it to cover the plastic pots that the plant comes in and I use a plastic liner that I buy separately to keep the basket from getting wet. Also good for toy storage for kids toys. Fits the bohemian vibe that I want in my home. The baskets have held up well. No damage to them at all after many months of use."


Puthiac Boho Minimalist Wall Art

Brighten up your cozy space with some minimalist wall art, featuring a set of three high-quality canvas prints that come ready to hang with solid wooden frames & hooks. Hang the pieces on the wall as a set or separately to create a unique theme — the neutral beige color perfectly complements the overall cozy aesthetic of your room.


Ophanie White Area Rugs For Bedroom Fluffy

Rugs? Cozy. Soft, shaggy rugs that look & feel like clouds? Ultra-cozy. Available in seven sizes and 10 colors, this rug instantly turns your room into an inviting space. Everyone who comes into your room is sure to say, "Wow, it's so cozy in here!" Trust us.

The rug has 17,300+ five-star reviews on Amazon, with one shopper raving, "I actually usually hate rugs in my home. I have one in the kitchen that I trip over constantly due to my clumsiness, and I decided to never buy another rug again. But then… I got just a little tired of the cold hardwood floor everytime I stepped out of my bed. Fine, we will buy another rug. After browsing I decided on this funky looking rug to compliment my green bedroom and when it arrived I was shocked. It's so light and movable first off. Not in a cheap way but in a soft way. This thing is F L U F F Y! I placed it under my bed with ease. It has a slight foam cushion to it. Not like a bath mat but like something you definitely want to step on in the morning. It's so nice I actually can go yoga and other things on it without much worry. This rug was worth it."


Bouqlife Hanging Planters With Macrame Plant Hangers – Set of 3

There's something about hanging planters that just makes a place feel extra safe and cozy. This set of three macrame plant hangers is simple, chic, and practical. They're designed with absorbent, 100% cotton rope and a detectable water reservoir for self-watering capabilities.

One Amazon shopper wrote, "I have a fishhook succulent that had long outgrown its little planter, and wanted a couple of new plants too. The medium-sized pot worked perfectly for my fishhook, and it seems much happier in its new home. Super easy to put together and great value for the money."


Cewor 14 Pack 98 Feet Fake Ivy Leaves Artificial Garland

If you're not too confident about your green thumb, consider lining your walls with these internet-fave artificial ivy leaves. They have over 26,300 five-star Amazon reviews, and they add a stunning, vibrant pop of color to any room.


Brightown LED Fairy Lights Battery Operated – Pack of 12

Add a touch of delicate magic to your cozy sanctuary with these top-rated fairy lights, which have 32,100+ five-star reviews on Amazon. The versatile lights are made of a soft benadable silver wire, making them easy to bend into any shape or wrap around your photos, shelves, walls, mirrors, and more.

One Amazon shopper highlighted the lights' long-lasting battery life, writing, "I rarely do reviews and purchased this product over a year ago but didn't use the lights much until now. I put them on small artificial pine trees and forgot to turn them off. They have been on for three weeks straight 24/7. I thought they would last a day or two but surprisingly it's been about 20 days. This picture was taken on day 20. They are still going strong!"


Shymery Flameless Votive Candles – Pack of 24

Add a soft flicker of light to your cozy room without worrying about actual flames with this pack of 24 artificial candles. They have 17,600+ five-star reviews on Amazon, and they feature a warm yellow hue with a flickering flame effect to give the feel of a real candle-lit environment.

According to one Amazon shopper's experience, "This is my second time purchasing these wonderful little faux votive candles. The battery life in each one is amazing! I've had most last 2-3 weeks, using them 24/7. The amber glow is soft and not too bright to use as a table side nightlight for ambience or simply looking for an item, without the harshness of a bright lamp. They have 2 settings. The first is for temporary lighting. The second will keep the votive lit continuously. The price is excellent for this product. Can be used for a multitude of reasons. We even take them camping. One candle will light the tent well, without all the fuss of needing to use flashlights all the time. We simply love these small but powerful faux candles."


Barefoot Dreams Sweet Dreams 3-Piece Gift Set

Embody cozy with every step and nap you take with this three-piece set from Barefoot Dreams, featuring fuzzy sock and a matching plush scrunchie & sleep mask. The set is available in Vintage Rose, Cream, and Smokey Grey, and it's currently 55% off!


Tudrom Decorative Extra Soft Fuzzy Faux Fur Throw Blanket

The most tried-and-true solution to the equation of how to make your bedroom cozier? Add a blanket! This soft, fuzzy throw blanket is perfect for snuggling up on your bed, and it's both lightweight & warm, which makes it great for use all year round.

One Amazon shopper reported, "We ordered this blanket to use as an extra layer when our heat wasn't working at our new house. It was the perfect solution. It is very lightweight and super soft. It added just enough to our other blankets to keep us warm thoughout the night. And it is a very nice throw blanket to keep the chill off while reading or watching tv."


Want to shop more must-haves for making your home look & feel straight out of a magazine? Diptyque just launched its first-ever bathroom decor collection, and we're obsessed with its chic aesthetic.

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